What's Happening?



The bitter-sweet news is that the winery has been sold.  We are down to the very last of the remaining Tesoaria wines.

What’s Been Happening at TeSoAria?

On June 4, 2018, the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for Douglas County appointed R K Short & Associates, Inc., as the Receiver for TeSoAria Vineyard & Winery, LLC.

One of the Receiver’s responsibilities included taking possession of all of TeSoAria’s assets, including all bottled wine and unfinished wine in tanks and barrels.

Immediately after being appointed, the Receiver hired Linda Buckle, TeSoAria’s former co-winemaker to test and finish all of TeSoAria’s bulk wine in vats and barrels and bottle the finished wine.

Linda has a degree in Viticulture & Enology from UCC. She joined TeSoAria in 2009 when the company was known as Palotai. During her career at TeSoAria, Linda became the assistant winemaker and then the co-winemaker with John Olson during the period when TeSoAria was winning numerous awards for the quality of their wines.

In July 2016, Linda left TeSoAria to start her own winemaking consulting company, Linda Buckle, LLC. After starting her company, Linda continued to consult with TeSoAria and winemaker John Olson on the production of TeSoAria’s wines until September 2017.

In June 2019, thanks to the wine making knowledge and skills of Linda and her team members, the Receiver was able to finish and bottle 16,141 gallons of wine. The new wines totaled 6,788 cases of wine or 81,456 individual bottles of wine!

What’s even more exciting is that members of the wine industry who have tasted the new wines believe they meet or exceed the standard of quality set by TeSoAria in past years.

The TeSoAria Sales and Fulfillment Team

In addition to making exceptional wine, one of the reasons TeSoAria was able to develop a large wine club of loyal members and eCommerce customers was TeSoAria’s employees. We are pleased to announce that the following TeSoAria employees came back to help as needed.

Linda Buckle
Laura Hubber
Colleen Zobel
Jean-Christophe Zobel

If you are a past customer or a wine club member your password is still the same. If you don’t remember your password, you will need to enter a new one or contact us to reset it. Please check to confirm that your address and contact information is the same as what is in the database.

Since TeSoAria was inactive for approximately 18 months, we deleted all customers credit card information from the database to ensure your privacy and security. Accordingly, you will need to reenter your current credit card information in order to place an order. You are welcome to leave your car on file for your convenience

Accessing TeSoAria via Telephone

The new telephone number at the Tesoaria Winery is 458-802-3656. Please call us if you have questions, need assistance, or want recommendations regarding the new wines.

Many thanks for your past patronage and we hope you will enjoy our new wines and your old favorites as much as we have enjoyed making them.

Your TeSoAria Team